Thursday, February 25, 2010

My parents and grandparents are not available, what can I do?

You want to know if an individual is your father and neither your mother, alleged father or grandparents are available. What can you do to find if this individual is your father? If you are male and there is a male relative available that you know is truly a male relative of the alleged father such as a brother or male cousin you can do a Y-Chromosome test. If you are male, with each generation you carry the same Y-Chromosome as your father. This means male descendants of two brothers carry the same Y-Chromosome. While this cannot directly prove paternity it can prove that the tested males are of the same paternal line.
If you are female your options are limited to a siblingship study provided that you have a sibling that you know for sure is the son or daughter of the alleged father. In this case you can test to see if you are full or half siblings or not related. It is very helpful in these cases if the mother is available. If as I mentioned above she is not available or different mothers are involved we can test only the siblings. In this case you will get a report of the probability of the relationship. The more siblings that are tested the higher the probability. Two full siblings will only share half of their DNA since they received half from each parent and that half will change with each child. (Except for identical twins.)

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